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Bridal Gowns Dallas | $1,500 – $8,000


Have you ever told yourself that a wedding dress is just for one day? Nothing could be further from the truth! Wedding dresses are for a lifetime. You will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. Photographs will be lovingly displayed from generation to generation. The designer label on a wedding gown is like a signature on a work of art. From the initial sketch to the final stitch, each bridal gown is a masterpiece reflecting hours of creativity and skill. This is the designer’s art – unique and worth the investment. Bringing these works of art to our beautiful brides throughout Texas and the southwest has been our mission since our beginning in 1999.


When you make an appointment at StarDust, you are paired with a professional stylist who will ensure that your search for a perfect wedding gown is fun and educational. First time appointments will last an hour and fifteen minutes and you’ll try on 10 to 15 wedding dresses. If you’d like to come back for a second visit, you may decide to retry your initial favorites or take a look at some new styles until you find ‘the one”.


Our experienced team of stylists have been to the designer runway shows in New York and have all assisted hundreds of brides. Unsurpassed in their sense of style and fashion, they strive to help you understand what silhouette is best for your body shape and what fabrics would fit the location, time and season of your wedding date. They will help you shop our selection of hundreds of gowns, keeping you focused on finding the dress that will fulfill all of your dreams.